Blog  Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 6-13-2011-hollie showed, him said uh she hollie God said, put it under, hollie showed lay down, but he hollie showed church for rent, bob it does he said, hollie showed her light wact, c'mon bob hollie said, God said, thats her sitting at computer, or its him she said, just having fun hollie said, put it under, hollie showed lay down, its him she said, but he got up, clapped hands, record me, showed, it, hollie, Jesus and, hollie, said, did say, she, showed, one had, thats, God said, its, mayor of, its jacksonville, florida, showed, hollie, hes, trembling, now, cause, thats him looking, at, its bobs entries, thats Jesus inside bob like, its Ghost of light, hes happy, showed, hollie, thats, hollie, its, moody, with Jesus inside, showing, record, bob, said, its hollie, he wore uh, showed, she hollie, its, burgundy she said, sweatshirt, showed, its pope hollie did say, picture, but, hollie, points, theres, she said, thats, reporter, asking, lebron james, do you, know bobby, lebron doesnt, but they talk, thats many news reporters, asking, its raising questions, hollie showed, record, thats, her, getting, into, its dumpster but nothing there, its looting hollie said, people running but, hollie right there with, holding her, gift, plad red sweatshirt on, its, under, hollie said, thats smiling barack obama adjusting hat, but hollie gets him out, economic collapse, hollie showed, turn, bob eat something hollie said, showed, white clothes on, hollie showed, bob turn she said, thats, the submarine sombo, its him, she hollie, it, appeared, she, said, many submarines all around america, its, akula class, thats what you want, needed hollie did say, showed, mow lawn, but wore hat and sweated, thats them firing, both american coasts, hey, they burn hollie said, he said, jumpy hollie, did say, another, one, said, Jesus, said, jumpy hollie, clapped hands, wore, its uh, hat, but, Gods hammer hollie appeared, let me, observe, hollie said, did say, he was, like, round head, hollie, and, I, stamp, hollie did say, thats, its, carriage coming out, its pulled by angred hollie said, red and black horses, hollie showed, eat, theres, pope, on, its black side, and its hu hintao, on, red side, hollie in the fire, happy, turned head, flames, anther he hollie showed, soared higher, hollie showed, turn, theres, hand agin, showing, you did not need him, its hollie showed, theres dome hollie said, in palm, but hollies, face appeared on hand, its white, shook, hollie showed, its nissan, it, thats her starting, God told you, its out of gas, bob said, but hand, showed, its uh quarter of uh tank, hollie said, hollie had songs sheets, she got off, its computer, he said, two hollies, did say, but, jumpy hollie clapped golden hands, they were lighted, thats, angel riding, its missile hollie said, and hollie on to, thats nuclear fires in alaska, its i'm uh bear, hollie said, putin, appears, he said, hollie, did say, hollie, night vision, showed, it was, uh dream, this is moorseville police, man said, hollie said, its they call hollie said, if you let me, hollie showed, its apostolic bible college, dont go hollie said, its rule by satan, hollie said, let me, hollie said, showed, its missiles going both ways, thats, some striking russia, burned, and america on fire, in parts, big fires, thats lighted serpent rising and pope appearing, its i'm the g8, somebody said, bob hollie said, thats, nuclear rockets, striking, its n.a.t.o. countries, burned, hollie showed, turn, drove by church, let me, she said, rubbed, no its squeezed face, frustrated she said, thats truck dumping trash on church parking lot but bob catches, he sees, but wants to argue over, but thats bob calling police, he leaves but bob follows, bob pointed hollie, showed charge up, had, its plad coat on, hollie moodie played his music, but face not seen to well, but he clapped hands as dancing, this is uh warning, said, hollie, showed, its for rent, bobs church angel comes out of building not caring but showed bob will be there,

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